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Keanu Reeves élete – angol nyelvű szakkönyvet lektoráltam

Yvette Kulik: Art & Speed

Yvette Kulik: Art & Speed (Keanu Reeves: The Matrix’ Hero Wins Over New Dimensions)

Bár Keanu Reevesre, a híres filmsztárra elsősorban színészként tekintünk, a művészet más területein is otthonosan mozog. A könyv több síkon is információkkal szolgál, feltárja Keanu  Reeves egyes filmjei és a különböző művészeti formák közötti kapcsolatot. Néha ez a  kapcsolat világos és erős; és bár máskor kevésbé azonosítható, akkor is jelen van és érdemes  felfedezni. Öt művészeti területet említ a könyv: filmművészet, irodalom, zene,  képzőművészet. harcművészet. Az utolsó fejezet a színész gyorsaság iránti rajongására épít, és az általa művészi szinten tervezett motorokról szól. 

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A könyv csak angol nyelven elérhető!

“Art and Speed is a one of a kind description of a multi-talented artist. Books on him tend to concentrate on Reeve’s films and actorship, however Art and Speed discovers his love for literature, music, art, and martial arts. It will be a hit not only with his fans, but with anyone who is interested in a holistic approach to life.” – Krisz Nadasi, writer, editor

A közös munka

Kulik Yvette nehéz fába vágta a fejszéjét, eleve angol nyelven írt könyvet nemzetközi terjesztésre. Nemcsak lektori véleményt adtam neki a szakkönyv logikus felépítéséhez, hanem a kiadásról is beszéltünk. Javasoltam neki az Amazonon való terjesztést oly módon, hogy az érdeklődők e-könyvként is megvásárolhassák a művet, valamint nyomtatott terméket is vehessenek – ez print-on-demand szolgáltatással megoldható.

A szerző így élte meg a közös munkát

Yvette Kulik, az Art & Speed írónője

“Az Art & Speed az első könyvem. Ezért tudtam, érdemes Nádasi Kriszhez fordulnom, aki  készségesen végigolvasta a kéziratot és értékes tanácsokkal látott el, amelyekért hálás vagyok. Mivel a könyv tele van tényekkel és interjúrészletekkel, ő javasolta, hogy szakkönyvként ikategorizáljam. Elsősorban Keanu Reeves kedvelőinek, valamint a  művészetek iránt érdeklődő olvasóknak szánom.”

Ha te is elküldenéd a kéziratodat véleményezésre, erről itt olvashatsz többet! Az angol nyelvű kéziratokról magyar ügyfeleknek magyar nyelvű lektori vélemény készül.

Olvass bele!

A részlet csak angol nyelven olvasható.

If I asked you what comes to mind when you hear the name Keanu Reeves, I bet you’d be thinking of the indelible character of Neo – irrespective of him having played in around ninety films.

How do you think of him?

Is he rather a romantic hero like Alex Wyler in The Lake House? Or an action star like Jack Traven in Speed or John Wick in the John Wick stories?

We have seen him play various kinds of character, each with different personality traits. He can do the romantic lead, the action hero, as well as comedy (Ted ‘Theodore’ Logan in the Bill & Ted stories) and cult (Johnny Utah in Point Break). Moreover, he has played characters from different ages. Don John in Much Ado About Nothing, a Shakespeare adaptation, and Kai in 47 Ronin, a Japanese historical story from the early 18th century. He even played an alien called Klaatu in The Day the Earth Stood Still. He always works hard, striving for perfection, even in the simplest situations, and always does serious research preparation for lifelike acting.

But do you know how versatile he really is? If we think about some facts about him, we realize that he is a multi-faceted artist interested in various dimensions of the art world. Keanu Reeves quotes Shakespeare’s complete works extensively. He was one of the founders and members of the successful Dogstar band for many years. He published two books in collaboration with Alexandra Grant, an American visual artist. And, if this information is still not enough, as a result of his passion for speed and motorcycle riding, Keanu-built motorcycles made by the Arch Motorcycles Company, founded by him and Gard Hollinger are definitely works of art. Based on all this knowledge we become inevitably curious and we start to look for answers to further questions. Why does he love Shakespeare so much? Who are his other favourite writers and musicians? Does he like fine arts as well? And we could go on.

I would like to point out that despite Keanu Reeves’ successful career, this book is not a biography and does not aim to recite and analyse all the movies in which he has acted. Instead, I have looked at how the actor’s movies or his other activities can be connected to various art forms. That was in my mind when I began thinking about my book. This book shows the relationship between some of Keanu Reeves’ favourite art and artists, and a selection of his movies. Sometimes the connection is clear and strong; other times, it is less identifiable, but nonetheless, still exists and needs to be found and explained. Thoughts from this great actor make such connections clearer. I have done lots of research. I read many books, articles and interviews and watched plenty of videos over a number of years before the book-writing process began. Based on the information gathered, the book is divided into five sections based on art forms: cinematography, literature, music, fine arts, and martial arts; all of which are closely related to Reeves’ life.

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Keanu Reeves főszerepben a John Wick c. filmben (Yvette Kulik: Art & Speed)

Section 1 includes some thoughts on why Keanu wanted to become an actor, and which films made him famous. Later I bring into focus the production company (called Company Films) established by Keanu Reeves and Stephen Hamel. It includes some projects accomplished under the aegis of his company, as well. The next part highlights the digital revolution and the documentary Side by Side. The subsequent two parts talk about famous actors and directors who have come into contact with Reeves during recent decades.

Due to his reputation as a voracious reader, Section 2 focuses on literature. The first three chapters show the actor’s closeness to writers such as Shakespeare, Chekhov and Dostoyevsky. And also to great writers Arthur & Rebecca Miller, and this section shows Reeves movies’ connections to these writers’ works. The next part describes science fiction, concentrating on adaptations of works by Philip K. Dick, which Reeves acted in. Other famous authors whose masterpieces have inspired him are also mentioned.

Section 3 is about his life as a musician and, among other things, features interviews about the Dogstar band, in which Keanu played bass guitar. The Bill & Ted comedy series is also connected with music, because they (Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves) played in a rock band. I felt it necessary to introduce Keanu’s favourite musicians, who were mentioned in his interviews and to mention a documentary titled Anvil! The Story of Anvil, directed by Sacha Gervasi (the screenplay writer of Henry’s Crime which was Reeves’ debut as a producer).

The exciting collaboration between Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant, the visual artist, in the publication of two art books, titled Ode to Happiness and Shadows, forms the main part of Section 4, which is dedicated to fine arts. Keanu’s fascinating Noa Noa reading at a Gauguin exhibition is also included. Although only a few fine artists have been mentioned in his interviews, they are introduced in this section too.

The martial arts also cannot be missed out, since the Matrix is a place where Kung-Fu is an important element. Section 5 talks about this art form through interviews selections about The Matrix sequels, and the John Wick action series. One chapter describes Reeves’ directorial debut titled Man of Tai Chi, where the story focuses on the Chinese martial art of the title. Reeves needed to learn various martial art styles and some fascinating interviews detail the actor’s rigorous training for these roles. The movie 47 Ronin cannot be overlooked either, and reviews of his favourite martial art movies close this section.

Due to Reeves’ love of bikes and speed, information about the Arch Motorcycle Company, established by Keanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger, finishes our tour. These amazing motorbikes are built to such high quality that we can confidently call them pieces of art.

So let’s begin together our colourful voyage!

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